In Sierra Leone’s history, corruption has led to bad governance which, in turn, has led to increased poverty and conflict. In 2000, 92.3% of respondents to the survey on National Perception and Attitudes towards Corruption in Sierra Leone considered bribery the most common corruption practice, others being embezzlement and misappropriation..........

Launching and Advocacy on the National Integrity Systems Survey Report

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                        The Global Coalition against Corruption - Fighting Corruption in Sierra Leone



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Upcoming TI-SL Activities

- Training on Public Financial Management for Youth, Media, Local Councils and School Management Committee in Kenema and Tonkolili Districts

- Research on Corruption and its Effect on Women

- Development and Popularization of an Information Portal on Procurement.

- Development of a Fundraising and Financial Sustainability Plan for TI-SL.

- Monitoring Public Financial Management Practices within Local Councils.

- TI-SL/Grantees and Donors Roundtable Meeting towards Enhancing Rural Women’s Development.

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TISL supporting local farmers with rice milling machine

TISL supports local farmers with a rice milling machine for economic empowerment

New job  vacancy  at TISL