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Transparency International- Sierra Leone (TI-SL) Women’s Integrity Initiative Program

Celebrates 8th March 2016- International Women’s Day

Today 8th March 2016, TISL joins Women’s organizations, groups, and initiatives locally, nationally and globally to celebrate International Women’s Day.

TI-SL would like to congratulate Women of Sierra Leone and all Women globally as we all celebrate this day.

It is yet another year gone Women continue to make tremendous strides to empower themselves in all spheres of life. Notwithstanding, they continue to face the same ordeals and challenges in terms of poverty, unemployment, being highly uneducated, marginalized, neglected, battered,  and violated. Women’s Right and access to opportunities continue to also remain a major challenge. Women are still subject to Sex Slavery and Sexual Abuse and Harassment, in their homes and communities at large, at their work places, and are largely viewed as Sex Tools when trying to access opportunities and services.

To worsen the plight of women is the constant hike in prices of goods and services over the past few years. This continues to put women under tremendous stress.  Women on their own part continue to be averse to their fellow women, and are not supportive of those women who have been successful in life. This greatly affects women’s success and progress.

In view of this, TISL urges the Government of Sierra Leone to continue to put more women in leadership positions, to strive towards creating an enabling environment for women to access opportunities to empower themselves and to enforce the laws protecting women’s rights.

TI-SL also urges Women, to behave responsibly and conduct themselves with dignity and respect, to engage in productive activities that empowers them and promote development of their families and communities   to be supportive of other women as together we can make a high impact.

We congratulate all Women and wish you well throughout this day.