Transparency International - Sierra Leone

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In a bid to support efforts by international actors the government of Sierra Leone and other national stakeholders to curb the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Sierra Leone, TI-SL embarked on the following activities:

(A) Production and Broadcast of a Jingle containing key messages.

- The Jingle was broadcasted on the following Radio Station

- Radio Democracy 98.1 and SLBC Radio

- 99.9 for a period of one month.

(B) The Posters were developed and circulated to various office and posted at strategic point

     in the Western Area Urban and Rural District

- Development and Circulation of Posters with Key messages.

       (C The Public Sensitization was done using a Public Address System.

-  Public Sensitization Outreach to local communities in the Western Area Urban and Rural

The focus of these activities were to increase public awareness on the continued spread of the EVD due to unsafe practices negative habits of people. The messages focused on the need for transparency and accountability of Ebola Response funds utilized by the government and other stakeholders as well as the negative impact, challenges and limitations posed by the continued spread of the disease on national development efforts.

Areas  visited during the Public Sensitization outreach were as follows:


 Dundas Street

 Mends  Street

 Circular Road

 Macauley  Street

 Mountain Cut

 Kissy Road

 Up Gun

 Black Hall Road

 PWD Kissy

 Kissy bypass Road

 Shell Old Road

 Shell New Road

 Ferry Junction

 Cline Town

 Guard Street

 Eastern Police

 Goderich Street Lorry Park

 Lumely  Street

 Sani abacha Street

 PZ

 Kroo Town Road Market

 Congo Town Market

 Lumely Rounabout

 Lumely  Market

 Goderich Market

 Signal  Hill Lorry Park.


 Jui Junction

 Haston Junction

 Rokel Junction

 Devil Hole

 Waterloo Police Station

 Tombo Lorry Park

 Waterloo Market

 Kono Lorry Park – Waterloo

 Bassa Town Market – Waterloo

 Campbell Town – Waterloo

 55 Junction

 Freetown Lorry Park – Waterloo

Monitoring of Ebola Response

- Activities the effectiveness of Quarantine  homes

- Radio Sensitization Programme on ‘the effect of corruption and the Ebola Epidemic on Women in Sierra Leone’.