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Overview of Critical Issues on Corruption for the year 2015


The year 2015 continued to be a challenging year for Sierra Leone.

This was due to the fact that the Ebola Outbreak remained prevalent for most part of the year. As with the Ebola Outbreak so also was the issue of corruption, lack of accountability, transparency and the virtue of Integrity.


Months after months within the year the media continued to report incidences of corruption practices within Ministries, Departments and Agencies within the private sector and civil society. Of utmost surprise and dismay to many Sierra Leoneans was the findings of the Special Report on the Utilization of the Ebola Funds by the Audit Service Sierra Leone in February 2015.


This report revealed numerous corruption, mismanagement and embezzlement of funding/donations made by individuals, agencies, organizations and funders both nationally and internationally. This revelation underscores the precedence of the lack of the culture of responsibility and integrity of  public officials.


In addition to the above, the state of constant increase in the cost of goods and services is of critical concern to the country, especially at a time when the livelihoods of most citizens have been severely affected. This state of affairs had a huge negative impact on citizen’s welfare and ultimately the fight against corruption.


Although the issue of Bribery remains to topical issue, and the campaign against it has intensified, the act has continued unabated and of recent has assumed different patterns. The Global Corruption Barometer Report for 2014 released by Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin, Germany revealed that 41% of Sierra Leoneans claimed to have paid bribes to access some basic key services.

This showed a marked improvement from the result of the Global Corruption Barometer Report released in July 2013 which stated that 84% of Sierra Leoneans claimed to have paid a bribe to access one of  eight services


TI-SL believes that addressing the issue of corruption in Sierra Leone first of all requires the following;

 Political Commitment at the highest level transcending the leadership of Ministries Departments and Agencies.

 The enforcement of the relevant laws and provision that prohibit businesses engaging in corrupt acts to use it to their advantage.

 Increased Openness and Scrutiny among all stakeholders including civil society.

 Members of the public to desist from acts that might condone or promote corruption.

Above all there is the need for governments to focus on the development of policies and strategies to assist citizens meet their ever increasing financial responsibilities against the inadequacy of monthly salaries.


There is also the need for all and sundry to make considerable efforts to  engage in productive ventures and imbibe the culture of integrity transparency, accountability and nationalism.

The fight against corruption should be the concern of every Sierra Leonean.

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