Transparency International - Sierra Leone

The Global Coalition against Corruption - Fighting Corruption in Sierra Leone

Profile of Transparency International Sierra Leone

Transparency International Sierra Leone, formerly the National Accountability Group is a local non-profit, non-governmental anti-corruption advocacy civil society organization established as a taskforce in 2001 under Campaign for Good Governance after 7 professional Sierra Leoneans participated in the Annual Members Meeting and International Anti Corruption Conference in Prague, Czech Republic organised by Transparency International. The trip was funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Sierra Leone and the Open Society Institute (OSI) in New York and was organized and led by the then-Coordinator of Campaign for Good Governance and former Executive Director of NAG, Mrs Zainab Hawa Bangura.

In July 2004, TISL formerly NAG was reorganized as an independent organization with a mandate to achieve greater accountability, transparency and integrity in private and public affairs. It’s work is mainly dedicated to curb corruption; by holding local and national governments and public duty bearers accountable to the people of Sierra Leone, and to assist victims of corrupt practices.

In March 2008, TISL was granted a National Chapter in Formation Status by Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin, Germany

In September 2010, after duly serving as a Local Chapter in Formation and completing a Self Assessment Form of Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin, Germany for Full Chapter status, TISL was granted Full Accreditation by TI Secretariat as the Local Chapter in Sierra Leone.

This led to the change of name and logo in April 2011 at a ceremony held at the headquarters at 20 Dundas Street by the Vice Chairperson of the TI Movement, Barrister Akere Muna and the former Executive Director, Mrs Zainab Hawa Bangura.

Vision Statement

TISL’s vision is to have a country in which the Government, the business community, private sector, civil society and the daily lives of the people are free from corruption and its negative effects.

Mission Statement

To empower the citizenry of Sierra Leone through education, participation and opportunities to demand accountability and transparency in governance and promote the culture of personal integrity, ethics and anti-corruption in national and human development.

Core Values

a. Integrity

b. Accountability

c. Transparency

d. Commitment

e. Comportment

f. Impartiality

g. Courage

Organizational Objectives:

TISL is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation with a focus on promoting integrity, ethics and anti-corruption values in personal and national development efforts

a. Educate and raise public awareness of key stakeholders in Sierra Leone to understand corruption issues and their negative impact on the society.

b. Build/strengthen the capacity of public officials, the private sector, civil society, the media and general public to understand the dynamies of corruption issues to enable them take appropriate measures to resist/curb it

c. Provide adequate and credible evidence on corruption issues within the public and private sector.

d. Develop advocacy tools for the elimination of the factors that lead to corruption impropriety and injustice.

e. Facilitate opportunities for specific vulnerable groups/victims of corruption to overcome their predicament.

f. Foster linkage and partnership with national, sub regional and intergovernmental stakeholders whose aims and objectives are inconsonance with those of the Transparency International Sierra Leone and the Transparency International Movement.

Core Program Areas

 Research and Surveys

 Public Education, Awareness Raising

 Monitoring

 Institutional Capacity Building

 Fiscal Sponsorship/Grantmaking

   Research and Surveys

Through Research and Surveys, TISL, seek to develop into issues of concern related to corruption to discern the factors responsible for problems/challenges encountered

   Public Education, Awareness Raising

Through Public Education and Awareness Raising, TISL seek to provide general information to the public especially all relevant stakeholders on the cause and effect of corruption. Specific information on policies and processes geared to promoting good governance national and international instruments to curb corrupt practices.


Through Monitoring, TISL aims to follow up closely on national development processes geared towards promoting good governance by ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in their implementation.

   Institutional Capacity Building

Through Coalition and Institutional Capacity Building, TISL seek to create and foster linkage and alliances, work in cooperation and partnership with likeminded agencies and organizations, strengthen their capacity and that TISL to promote Transparency Accountability and Integrity with one voice, nationally sub-regionally and internationally.

   Fiscal Sponsorship/Grantmaking

Through Fiscal Sponsorship/Grant making, TISL seeks to provide specialized training skills to staff field workers and beneficiaries of organizations facilitate opportunities for vulnerable groups receive and judiciously utilize assistance in the form of funds to overcome the effect of corruption (poverty and underdevelopment) on their lives provide free legal advice for the citizenry to address concern related to corrupt acts