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TISL is a civil society anti-corruption advocacy organization dedicated to promoting integrity, ethics and anti-corruption values in personal and national development efforts in Sierra Leone. It is the National Chapter of Transparency International in Sierra Leone. Though, it is accredited to TI, the organization has its own projects and sometimes works in partnership with TI-Secretariat to implement some projects and tools in addition to its specific projects.

TI-SL’s work is based on a three-pronged approach:

To work with government, state institutions and other authorities to put adequate measures in place and also enforce the implementation of adequate measures to curb corruption as well as create an enabling environment to discourage corrupt practices.

To work with key stakeholders and partners to develop evidence based documents, monitor, interact and collaborate with like minded groups and target beneficiaries to take a stance against all forms of corruption and impropriety.    

To supporting specific vulnerable groups with information, skills and opportunities to advocate against and resist corruption, engage authorities to address corrupt practices. Specifically TI-SL facilitates opportunities and support to enable vulnerable groups (women, children, youth and the physically challenged) that have suffered most from the effects/impact of corruption to overcome its effect on their lives.

Our activities have been centered on the following:

●  General Public Sensitization on Anti-Corruption and Integrity related issues.

● Engaging key Government actors, Stakeholders and the general citizenry through dialogue fora to promote ethics, integrity,     transparency,     accountability and anti-corruption in all sectors

●  Capacity Building/Strengthening for effective engagement and performance in developmental initiatives

●  Monitoring and Assessments of the effectiveness of national processes, policies and procedures for good governance.

●  Coalition Building and Institutional Strengthening for effective partnership and collaboration in the anti-corruption campaign.

●  Providing/facilitating knowledge, facilities and opportunities to assist vulnerable groups affected by corruption (women, youth, children     and physical challenged) to     overcome its effect on their lives.

Core Program Areas

●  Research and Surveys

●  Public Education, Awareness Raising

●  Monitoring

●  Institutional Capacity Building

●  Fiscal Sponsorship/Grant making/Legal Advice

Research and Surveys

Through Research and Surveys, TISL seeks to ascertain the cause or concern about certain challenges related to corruption, lack of integrity, accountability and transparency to discern the factors responsible for the issues/problems/challenges encountered.

Public Education and Awareness Raising

Through Public Education and Awareness Raising, TISL seeks to provide general and specific information to the public and key stakeholders on the causes and effects of corruption. Also, specific information on policies and processes geared towards curbing corruption and promoting integrity, good governance and democracy, as well as national and international instruments to curb corruption.


Through Monitoring, TISL seeks to follow up closely on institutions and national development processes that are responsible for promoting democracy and good governance by ensuring transparency, accountability and integrity in their implementation.

Coalition and Institutional Capacity Building

Through Coalition and Institutional Capacity Building, TISL seeks to create and foster linkages and alliances, work in cooperation and partnership with like-minded agencies and organizations, strengthen their capacity and that of TISL to promote transparency, accountability and Integrity with one voice nationally, sub-regionally and internationally.

Technical Assistance, Fiscal Sponsorship/Grant making, Legal Advice

Through Technical Assistance, Fiscal Sponsorship/Grant making and Legal Advice, TISL seeks to provide specialized training skills to staff, field workers and beneficiaries of organizations: facilitate opportunities for vulnerable groups receive and judiciously utilize assistance in the form of funds to overcome the effect of corruption (poverty and underdevelopment) on their lives: provide free legal advice for the citizenry to address concerns related to corrupt acts.


TISL is combating corruption on several fronts: the public, private and CSO/NGO sectors.  To date, as a result of its efforts (individually and in collaboration with other organizations), TISL can record the following achievements among others:

●  Increased public awareness of the causes and types of corruption and its negative impact.

●  Established the Civil Society Dialogue Forum, which brings major corruption issues (such as the such as the NASSIT Ferry Issue, the     Morgan Heritage Contract by the Freetown City Council) to the forefront of public debate and political action

●  Improved record keeping and financial management systems in local councils in Port Loko,  Kailahun and Pujehun

●  Improved civil society participation in the budget process

●  MDAs adhere to the content recommended in the annual budget call circular

●  Improvement in the adherence to procurement rules by local councils in Freetown, Tonkolili and Kenema Districts

●  Contributed to the enactment of the 2008 Anti Corruption Act

●  Increased recognition, especially from the Anti Corruption Commission

●  Full Accreditation by Transparency International as a National Chapter in Sierra Leone


TI-SL’s work has been hampered by the following:

●  Inadequate funding to broaden its outreach and sustain its operations as funding of TISL’s work is project-based and short-lived

●  Non flexible funding to undertake spontaneous interventions often required

●  Staff capacity and staff turnover

●  Access to timely and detailed information.  

●  Misconception and stigmatization


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